Monday, July 12, 2010

Sony Bravia XBR-LX900

Sony Corporation has launched a 3D TV in Bravia XBR-LX900 version in market this year. Sony’s 3D TV gives us a new dimension of the entertainment. It proves there is no limit for entertainment even the walls surround us. We can bring the 3D world and even beyond that in side our home with the help of a shutter glass. Let’s come out of our conventional 2D Entertainment Gadgets which gives great movies and wonderful time in life like FIFA, Olympics and many more grand celebrations with boredom 2D moving photographical frames.
3D home Entertainers make us living in real world around us with real 3D view. Sony is one of the pioneers to introduce 3D TV to the world. As they promised in Germany on 22nd September,2009 Sony Corporation made it with flying colours.

The next step of the introduction Sony Corporation started their promotional activities by exhibit their latest catch from the technology ocean, in big malls and prime places in and around the cities World wide. We can take this as introduction of the next generation entertainment to the interior real world to each man. FIFA 2010 is their first tool to attract the TV fans and Foot ball fans towards the product. Let’s go for a try to watch it as a trial.
The price should be kept in mind. 52inch 3D sync transmitter in built costs around $4000 and 60 inch 3D sync in built TV costs around $5000. It will be a great hit if all common man can afford the cost.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Acer AG 7750

The Acer AG 7750 Predator PC not only looks like a predator… but also shows it performance. It is specially designed for games and movies, completely in order to satisfy gamers and people looking for a comfortable entertainer.

 It process very fast because it is supported by Intel processor (i7 930 Quad core processor) using a latest technology to speed up the process. Other main feature is Graphics. This lovely predator’s visual fineness is supported by GTX470 Graphics card. Two main needs for a wonderful gaming PC needs both process speed and visual clarity. Both are satisfied by wonderful processor and graphics card with advanced technology. This is enough to satisfy or convince a gamer or a movie maniac to buy this gaming PC.

Apart from these two PC has an attached GD245HQ Acer monitor with Stereoscopic 3D visualization, 1.5TB hard drive and all hardware with latest technology.

Aesthetics is most important, makes predator PC great of all other. Rough metal looks fantastic with orange and dark shining colour combination and also protects the processor like skull. Have an experience with the Predator PC in show rooms. Costs more than ninety thousand rupees(>Rs.90,000).

Friday, July 2, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8520

As we planed, we concentrate on Premium electronic products at our beginning stage.
We have so many models with BlackBerry, but we take a special model BlackBerry Curve 8520. Most of the people among who opt for BlackBerry service in their mobile go for this 8520 model.
It’s because the wonderful list of features it posses, not difference in quality as a theme but features and asthetics are making difference in quality. Like other BlackBerry basic models it has all the basic features and a wide display (Display is 62.4mm wide). Display is touch-sensitive. This mobile has a QWERTY key pad like other modern palm tops.
Yes, as you wish it’s available in both GSM and CDMA versions. Other special thing, it has 256MB in-built memory and memory is expandable up to 32GB (most of the Y2K PCs does not have 32 GB HDD).

Hardware and Aesthetics:
Processor Speed          512MHz
Display                         62.4mm wide- Touch Sensitive (Optical Tracpad)
Memory                        256MB in-built 32GB Expandable
Blue tooth                     Enabled
Wireless LAN                Enabled
GPRS/EDGE                Enabled
Camera                         2MP
System Software           BlackBerry OS
Battery Back-up                        4.5 hrs talk-time or standby 408 hrs

Voice call

Other advanced
Camera pics and Video Rec
Audio Player
Video Player
Music Player (Most avl formats)
Callander, Diary, To do
Count down Timer
Unit Converter
Alarm Clock
Java SW

One Year Warranty addition to all these

Friday, June 25, 2010

Apple ipod 3g is a Brand New attractive entertainer. People who are all mad about Latest products are lucky as it has many features those are not in early versions. Those features are technically belongs to third generation ipod. Most of the time we get only two or three application level up-gradation, but this has a technical advancement and updated applications.

Silver and Black are most attractive among the models

WiFi + 3G enabled iPad

Thursday, June 24, 2010

iphone 4g

Apple is ready to trigger the next shot which is called as iphone 4g. Just look at the 4th generation iphone and see the features before you plan to buy one. iphone 3g is their great hit and they are expecting the next generation of their mega hit becomes one more great piece of the year.