Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Acer AG 7750

The Acer AG 7750 Predator PC not only looks like a predator… but also shows it performance. It is specially designed for games and movies, completely in order to satisfy gamers and people looking for a comfortable entertainer.

 It process very fast because it is supported by Intel processor (i7 930 Quad core processor) using a latest technology to speed up the process. Other main feature is Graphics. This lovely predator’s visual fineness is supported by GTX470 Graphics card. Two main needs for a wonderful gaming PC needs both process speed and visual clarity. Both are satisfied by wonderful processor and graphics card with advanced technology. This is enough to satisfy or convince a gamer or a movie maniac to buy this gaming PC.

Apart from these two PC has an attached GD245HQ Acer monitor with Stereoscopic 3D visualization, 1.5TB hard drive and all hardware with latest technology.

Aesthetics is most important, makes predator PC great of all other. Rough metal looks fantastic with orange and dark shining colour combination and also protects the processor like skull. Have an experience with the Predator PC in show rooms. Costs more than ninety thousand rupees(>Rs.90,000).


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  2. wooooooooow it's monster, i wanna to have it