Monday, July 12, 2010

Sony Bravia XBR-LX900

Sony Corporation has launched a 3D TV in Bravia XBR-LX900 version in market this year. Sony’s 3D TV gives us a new dimension of the entertainment. It proves there is no limit for entertainment even the walls surround us. We can bring the 3D world and even beyond that in side our home with the help of a shutter glass. Let’s come out of our conventional 2D Entertainment Gadgets which gives great movies and wonderful time in life like FIFA, Olympics and many more grand celebrations with boredom 2D moving photographical frames.
3D home Entertainers make us living in real world around us with real 3D view. Sony is one of the pioneers to introduce 3D TV to the world. As they promised in Germany on 22nd September,2009 Sony Corporation made it with flying colours.

The next step of the introduction Sony Corporation started their promotional activities by exhibit their latest catch from the technology ocean, in big malls and prime places in and around the cities World wide. We can take this as introduction of the next generation entertainment to the interior real world to each man. FIFA 2010 is their first tool to attract the TV fans and Foot ball fans towards the product. Let’s go for a try to watch it as a trial.
The price should be kept in mind. 52inch 3D sync transmitter in built costs around $4000 and 60 inch 3D sync in built TV costs around $5000. It will be a great hit if all common man can afford the cost.